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    Ultimate Capture Card INFO


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    Ultimate Capture Card INFO Empty Ultimate Capture Card INFO

    Post by Emperor Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:55 pm

    I thought i'd make a little guide about what I know about CaptureCards as I've been seeing alot of people making threads about them so here goes.

    Hauppage HD PVR
    This capture card records in HD, it is probably the best capture card on the market, alot of people have them and I have heard they're easy to set up too. If your used to making montages and stuff like that I'd defiantly save up and get one of these if I were you.
    Here's a video, being recorded from my HD PVR.
    Also here's a link to the Hauppage website with some info about the HD PVR
    [url=""]Here you go[/url]
    Ultimate Capture Card INFO 1z3rnzp

    Black Magic TTG_Jake Edit
    A Black Magic would set you back around 135 / $200
    A Black Magic you usually put in the PCI slots on your PC/Laptop you can record in HDMI instead on Component cables meaning slightly better quality than the HD PVR also HDMI doesn't use compression so you can record video without video compression, or choose a better compression more compatible with the work you're doing.
    Here's a quality test of a Black Magic
    Here's also a link to the Black Magic website
    [url=" "]Here you go[/url]
    Ultimate Capture Card INFO Ht9r0o

    Dazzle DVC 100
    30-50 - You will also need 3 splitters and 1 audio cable, you can find these on amazon.
    Dazzle's are very popular and easy to set up. All you need to do is follow a couple of tutorials on YouTube and away you go.
    I think you can get the quality to almost be the same as a HD PVR, all you need to do is set it up and right and select the correct settings. If your just starting up to recording and stuff like that i'd defiantly buy this, they're cheap and good quality, but thats just my opnion.
    You from anywhere really, shops or the internet, they're easy to find too
    Here's a quality test from my friend MrJevZ
    Ultimate Capture Card INFO 2vufxp5

    I don't really know much about EasyCaps either but I know some people who have them and they have all said they're easy to set up.
    TTG_Jake Edit The latest Easycap is compatible with PAL_60 and NTSC_233, It also has the 3.1b Chipset meaning great quality any other EasyCap models normally only record black and white since they only work with PAL_50 be careful ahen you are buying one and read it all properly you can pick up from around 15-20.
    Here's a quality test from the latest EasyCap
    Ultimate Capture Card INFO 2ia9x60

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