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    How Ninja Defuse and Best Spots to do so *New Silent Defuse*


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     How Ninja Defuse and Best Spots to do so *New Silent Defuse* Empty How Ninja Defuse and Best Spots to do so *New Silent Defuse*

    Post by -TheXenonClan- Sun Apr 03, 2011 1:15 pm

    "DUBLCLUTCH"[align=center]Stickied by Snowhiter[/align]

    Somewhat of a Tutorial

    Ninja Defuse Spots

    Ninja Defuse Spots on Map Pack 1

    Written Tutorial

    Remember that the main objective is defuse, not kill the enemies. The best classes are listed below

    A new way to defuse silently

    NiiTroGaming wrote:Ok So How Many Times Have You Been De Fusing A Bomb And You Get Killed Because You Made Too Much Noise. Well Now You Can De Fuse And Plant Bombs Silently Laughing All You Need Is Any Class You Want, But The Equipment Has To Be A Claymore. Once Your Planting The Bomb Pull Out Your Claymore And Hold It There Until You've Planted The Bomb. You Know If Your Doing It Right If You Cant Here Yourself Planting Or Defusing The Bomb. This Is Great For Ninja Dufusals. If This Helped Please Give Me Rep 😉

    Nitro Gaming gets full credit for the silent defuse

    Primary weapon: Any sniper rifle with silencer/ heartbeat
    Secondary: Any machine pistol silenced
    Equipment: C4, Claymore, or throwing knife.
    Special Grenade: Smoke
    Perk 1: Marathon
    Perk 2: Cold Blooded Pro( Pro helps your chances of them not noticing you)
    Perk 3: Ninja Pro( Although you won't be walking around much, silenced footsteps help)
    Death Streak: Martyrdom

    The guile suit will help you hide in the bushes much better. The heartbeat will help detect where they are.

    When you see the opposing team lay down to plant, immediately get up and check your surroundings. Remember the key word "NINJA". If you see another enemy make sure he is not looking or slowly make your move towards the bomb. Try to get right behind him but give him enough space so that way he doesn't get stuck or he will know. Either that or predict the side he will go to and get on the the other side of him. Remember that all of this has to be quick and smooth. Once you are in position he will finish planting. As soon as the "x" button or "square" pops up, immediately press it and start defusing. Once done defusing words will come across the screen that say "Ninja, sneaky sneaky". You have successfully ninja defused. Follow this tutorial and you accomplish many more defuses. I hope I have helped.

    I am glad I could help. If anyone would like to learn and get a feel for it before they try in a real match, message me at DUBL CLUTCH on xbl or just pm me and I will get with you asap!

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