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    How to host AFK lobbies in Halo Reach!


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    How to host AFK lobbies in Halo Reach! Empty How to host AFK lobbies in Halo Reach!

    Post by Emperor Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:19 am

    I thought most people knew this by now but this is for the people that dont.

    I recently read/replyed to a thread asking how to boost while there not there, well this is how.


    A turbo controller

    A standard wired controller

    1. Sign in your main account on the wired controller.

    2. Sign in your guest on the turbo controller

    3. Go into the matchmaking lobby and select "Firefight"

    4. Set your turbo controller to repeatedly press the A button

    Once each game ends, another will start as the guest bypasses the cR screen.

    You gain around 3000 cR per game and you easily reach the credit limit each day.

    The amount of cR gained will depend on your rank.

    Hope this helps.


    - ONLY do this as a full party, otherwise you are ruining a matchmaking
    experience, and your teammates are likely to file complaints. Bungie is
    very protective of the matchmaking experience, so if you want to avoid a
    ban, your chances are much better if you join as a full party and not
    finding randoms. A ban for automation is possible, read my next step to
    attempt to avoid it...

    - Get CREATIVE with those turbo and wired controllers! My bots can get
    through 4-5 waves on certain levels based on rubber banding ALL
    triggers, and turbo-ing as much as is helpful. I've been tinkering a lot
    with this. My bots get commendations while I'm sleeping!

    Credit to c0Le for this part.

    Also you can change your language on the dashboard to something
    uncommon. Then before you start a game, select prefer language. This way
    your almost certainly going to get a game with just you and your guest.
    Which means no file complaints

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