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    Wii - Black Ops [Guide)


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     Wii - Black Ops [Guide) Empty Wii - Black Ops [Guide)

    Post by Ericdineen Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:49 am

    Updates & Info - Update Released! ***READ This before Posting***


    Information about the Updates/Patches

    The game will prompt you to download the update when you start Multiplayer. If you are already running the game at this time, switch to Single Player and restart Multiplayer to get it.

    The update cannot be downloaded from Zombies, and you will be prompted to switch over to Multiplayer in order to access it. You must have a Wii Shop Channel account in order to download the update.

    You do not need an updated shop channel, you need to have used the channel at least once in the past.

    If you have never used the shop channel you can access and accept the user agreement in Wii Options - Wii Settings - Internet - User Agreements - YES - NEXT - Connecting to Internet - ACCEPT (If you accept the agreement) Back to the Wii Menu? - OK

    If you want you can update your shop channel here.

    The first update takes 60 blocks - When finished downloading you will be taken back to the multiplayer main menu. It will change to "Black Ops Online". The second and third update do not require a download. The forth update takes zero blocks and a download is required.

    The first and forth update are in the form of a save file. "Call of duty pay and play" = 59 blocks
    Yes you can accept the update from the backup of your original disc.

    If you don't get the update prompt or you get the "no content available or purchase or re-download" message, It's because you somehow have the wrong region game. You need the game region to match your Wiis region.

    If you have the correct region game for your console and you have a region changed Wii then you will not get the update prompt. Do this....

    Region Changed Wii's.

    Install IOS236 if you don't have it yet - Load Any Region Changer and choose IOS236
    Change the Shop Channel region back the the original region of the Wii (before the region change).
    Make sure the EULA is marked as "read".
    Load the Shop Channel and delete your account - You need your serial number for this.
    Go back to Any Region Changer and choose IOS236.
    Change the Shop Channel region to the current region of your Wii.
    Make sure the EULA is marked as "read".
    Load the Shop Channel and create a new account.

    About the patching process.

    Update 1 - Download required.

    Wii Update Inbound! (11/22/10)

    o Unable to connect to multiplayer without switching profiles
    o Freezes during matchmaking when using the LAN adapter
    o Players were sometimes kicked out af a game right before it started
    o Changes to custom controls and options were not saving correctly (Unbound glitch)
    o Wager match specific bug in Radiation that caused dead players to teleport
    o Fixed "care package glitch" where player could get infinite number of 'Sam Turret', 'Care Package', and 'Sentry Gun' killstreaks
    Update 2 - No download required.


    o WMD: Added collision to prevent players from getting outside of the map boundary.
    o Havana: Mini-map now more correctly reflects the playable map boundary
    o Fixed issue where enemies could create a green Profile name to use in matches
    Update 3- No download required.


    Fixed map issues in Jungle and Villa that were allowing exploits
    Update 4 - Download required.


    Fixed issue - "an error occurred while connecting to the server"
    Variable zoom scope would not stay zoomed in
    Sierra button layout for Classic Controllers (CC/CCP) assiged same button for Tactical Grenade as steady button for scoped weapons
    Radiation and Grid have been returned to Public play
    Update 5 - No download required.


    Stuck spawn points in Villa and Nuketown
    Disappearing zombies glitch.
    Issue where gas clouds were sticking around in Zombie Mode.
    Issue where some players were getting booted from Zombies games at higher levels after experiencing lagging/zombies disappearing.
    Update 6 - Download Required



    Explosives are not visible through walls when using Hacker perk.
    Ninja perk is ineffective at times.
    Additional sound mix tuning for Ninja Pro users - increased ranges and volume of enemy footsteps, and removed player footstep sounds
    on concrete material types.
    Increased headshot multipliers for sniper rifles. Sniper rifles with suppressors equipped will be ensured one-shot kill headshots.
    Added a negative influencer to all spawn points to decrease the chances of spawning near an enemy. This will further improve spawning
    protection on top of previous updates.
    Previous Map Spamming players are currently able to vote for the previously played map an unlimited number of times
    Incorrect Prestige Emblems appearing at certain levels
    Sending out text messages to massive groups can cause the game to freeze
    Demolition getting a loss registered despite earning a win
    Some players experiencing crashes when viewing leaderboards with a high number of Allies
    Stuck in spawn spot in Cracked
    Voice Chat breaks up at times
    More reported cases of "unbound" controls
    Second Chance "invincible glitch"
    Several fixes that should improve performance/lag for host and client
    Shorter spawn-in (black screen) times in MP matches
    Zombie Legs - create-a-crawler

    Soft Mods - USB Loading.

    Softmods - USB Loading

    Load with ONE of the following cIOS

    - Set to load with one of the following -

    cIOS 224 [57] v5.1
    cIOS 250 [57] Rev 19 OR Rev 20

    cIOS 249 [57] Rev 19 OR Rev 20


    If you Followed Stomp's Hermes cIOS Guide to install cIOS224 then you already have this cIOS - Set the game to load with IOS224 (does not work with GX).
    If you followed one of Mauifrog's guides to softmod your Wii - Load the game with IOS250 or IOS224
    If you followed Cile's Softmod for 3.0-4.2[E/U/J] Wiis - Load the game with IOS250

    Please Note : The only loaders that support IOS224 are Cfg Loader, Wiiflow and Uloader.

    If you need to install any of these you can go HERE. Read the FAQ Section before installing!

    Hard Mods.


    Uses IOS57-64-v5918

    Install This. Extract the RAR file and copy the .wad to the wad folder on your SD card. Install with Wad Manager or MMM

    Follow This Guide to install these IOS on your hardmodded (modchipped) Wii.

    IOS Updating for Hardmods

    Confirmed Working with the following:

    Wasabi zero
    Wasabi - v1- v2 -v3

    Confirmed Confgurations.

    Configurable USB Loader v60 (222 OR 249 Version) - Loaded with cIOSx Rev 19 or Rev 20 Base 57

    WiiFlow 2.1a2 (222 OR 249 Version) - Loaded with cIOSx Rev 19 or Rev 20 Base 57

    Wiiflow 2.2 Beta (249 or 224 Version) Loaded with with cIOS224 v5.1 Base 57 OR cIOS 249 Rev20 Base 57

    Wiiflow 1.1 (249 Version) Loaded with cIOS250 Rev 19 Base 57

    USB Loader GX r938 - Loaded with cIOSx 249 Rev 20 Base 57

    USB Loader GX v2.0 - Loaded with cIOS224 [57] v5.1

    U Loader 5.1 - Loaded with cIOS224 v5.1 base 57

    Confirmed Working with the following:

    Wasabi zero
    Wasabi - v1- v2 -v3

    Disc Channel Loading

    Original Disc Loaded from Disc Channel

    Uses IOS57-64-v5918


    Extract the RAR file and copy the .wad to the wad folder on your SD card. Install with Wad Manager or MMM.

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