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    [Download] COD4 .GPD | Offline [Updated]


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    [Download] COD4 .GPD | Offline [Updated]   Empty [Download] COD4 .GPD | Offline [Updated]

    Post by JohnHD Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:58 am

    So with the black ops .GPD demand, i have decided to release some cod 4 ones.
    However, this can only take place offline. And you need to clear your system cache.

    Please bare in mind, if your COD4 game freezes, simply sign out, re-inject your profile and sign in when the game has loaded

    1st.) Download my GPD and put it on your desktop
    2nd.) Go onto your xbox and move your profile onto your usb
    3rd.) Open USB xtaf and put the profile on your desktop
    4th.) Open Modio and open your profile by clicking the "M" and then "Open file"
    5th.) Go to "file contents" and then right click on 415607E6.GPD and click "replace"
    6th.) Locate the GPD you downloaded; double-click it
    7th.) Go back to general info on our profile and rehash and resign
    8th.) Open USB Xtaf and delete all profiles in it
    9th.) Drag the newly modded profile (should be on your desktop) into the content folder
    10th.) Put the USB back into your xbox, sign into your profile on the dashboard
    11th.) Start COD4, ignore all of the settings
    12th.) Go to Multiplayer > Split screen/systemlink
    13th.) PLAY!

    Cod Jumper v2 -
    This contains : Pro mod, low gravity, basic cartoon vision.
    Activation : Start button = Cartoon and gravity. Also Gold desert eagle ammo.
    Back button = Godmode (toggle) And RPG ammo.

    Super .GPD -
    This contains : Pro Mod, Low gravity, Basic cartoon vision, every gun, unlimited ammo.
    Activation : Dpad right = Godmode (Toggle) Dpad left = No Clip (Toggle) Dpad Down= All guns and ammo.

    Cartoon Vision + Xp Mod -
    This contains : Super Jump, god mode, +2.417e007 per kill, cartoon vision
    Activation : Start button, activated xp mod. Back activates godmode.

    Visions -
    This contains : Green Square, Rainbow vision, Black vision, Godmode, Super Jump
    Activation : Start = Black vision + Godmode, Back Button = Rainbow vision

    Verification -
    This contains : Verification, super jump, godmode
    Activation - Back button = Lock player, Start button = Verify(Toggle Godmode)

    Aimbot -
    This Contains - Green Square, Red Laser, All Guns, Toggle ProMod
    Activation - Back Button = Aimbot, DPAD Down = Toggle Pro Mod(3 different) + All guns

    Bullet Traces + Auto M16 -
    This contains - Bullet Traces, Laser Sight, All Guns, Automatic M16, Godmode, Super Jump
    Activation - Back Button = All mods

    Cool Visions -
    This Contains - Toggle 3 cool new visions, ufo mode
    Activation - Start button = Toggle Vision, Back Button = UFO

    Mod Menu (first ever for cod 4)- Being Fixed Now
    This contains - Noclip, Godmode, Lasersight, Super Jump, Text Instructions
    Activation - Press Back To see the menu.
    Please note, this will be a little buggy, as i have not had the time to sit and focus on it, i did this as a quick release and will add updated versions of the menu

    Modern Warfare 2
    No recoil -
    This contains - No gun recoil
    Activation - Automatic ( I have only tried this once, and it worked)

    I will also be making custom .GPD's, Pm me what you would like. COD4 Only


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