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    Everything Needed For A Jtag Console


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    Everything Needed For A Jtag Console Empty Everything Needed For A Jtag Console

    Post by Emperor Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:24 am

    XEX Loader:

    XEX Menu:

    360 Flash Tool:

    Nand Pro 2.0b:

    FreeStyle Dash:

    Linux Loader:

    CON Uncorrupter:

    Free BOOT 0.02:

    FreeXex QuickBoot V0.2:


    Hdd Hacker v1.22:

    MAME 360 For Retail Dash:



    Xbox Image Browser v1.0:


    SNES 360:

    640 SNES Games:


    Modern Warfare 2:

    Patched default_mp.xex

    (11/02/2010 Update):

    HDD Patch:


    Super Jump:

    Multiple Mods (Xp, Speed, Jump etc):

    Custom Code Post (Amazing):

    All Title's, Emblem's and Challenge's Patch_mp.ff:

    Running AC130 Patch_mp.ff:

    Leaderboards Score Mod (Credit: dboi941):

    Title Update 4:

    Call Of Duty 4:

    My code post(XP, Noclip, UFO, etc):

    Xp Mod:

    Patched default_mp.xex:

    Latest Title Update:

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