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    [READ!] Game Rips and Saves Rules!


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    [READ!] Game Rips and Saves Rules!   Empty [READ!] Game Rips and Saves Rules!

    Post by JohnHD Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:56 pm

    We are fine with you posting save games and such for other users to share and use, however;

    These save's must not violate Horizon Terms of Service.

    IG is in close partnership with XboxMB and so we will not allow Horizon Diamond members to exploit their subscription and share it with members who do not have Diamond.

    This is exactly like having a TTG Gold Account, you are not allowed to share it with other members or it will be removed from you.

    Direct Quote from Horizon Rules;

    Horizon Rule 8.1 wrote:
    We DO NOT allow members to share, sell, trade, give away, swap or exchange their accounts/subscriptions. If we become aware that this has happened then the new and original account holders will both be permanently banned from XboxMB.

    If we find you sharing your Diamond Account then we will forward your details to XboxMB staff and have your account's diamond removed, and you will also be banned from both sites if we feel necessary.

    P.S - It is easily detectable if you are doing multiple save modding's as shown below, which is from a member who has since had their diamond revoked.

    [READ!] Game Rips and Saves Rules!   0f9678d1

    Read More Here:*.html

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    [READ!] Game Rips and Saves Rules!   Empty Re: [READ!] Game Rips and Saves Rules!

    Post by Emperor Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:16 pm

    Alright that sound good.

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