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    How to make a program


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    How to make a program Empty How to make a program

    Post by Emperor Wed Apr 06, 2011 12:12 pm

    Tut on how to make a program

    First you want to open notepad,on the first line write @echo off

    Make another line this time write echo YOUR TEXT HERE
    Your text here is a example you could write Welcome To My Program !

    Make a third line this time write pause
    It wont say pause on your program it will say hit any key to continue

    Then make a fourth line and write echo .............. Put something that you want next to

    Now for some fun where , if you have a website you can make your program open your website by doing the following

    Make a new line write start then the link of your website to make sure the program opens it have http:// at the start of the link

    Now to end the program make a new line and write echo The program will now close!

    Go to file then save as , where it says save as type click on all files then save it as whatever the program is called.bat

    To open this program we have to convert it as a .exe

    For that we need this program

    Once tou have that downloaded open it up , click on batch file and look for your file

    Then click version formations
    Tick include version formations

    Type your text in the blanks.

    Then click compile.

    And open your program

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