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    Fifa Series Rules.


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    Fifa Series Rules. Empty Fifa Series Rules.

    Post by JohnHD Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:49 am

    In this topic I will look at a few different rising issues and talk about problems they create and also what kind of ban will be given.

    Issue 1: Trading
    These rules all have 24hr bans and a high warning for offences for 1st timers, for repeat... Further action may be taken*

    There is to be No selling/trading of any players in this section

    There's to be no buying/selling for Microsoft points.

    Do not make topics saying pm me if you want to buy....

    Do not link to your own ebay sales

    No trading RS gold etc for Coins or players in FIFA UT

    No Buying/Selling coins in the section

    I know what you guys say, AHHHHH! Its in-game how can you scam, I know for a fact you can, So this is done for your own safety, Take it on the chin and deal with it.

    Issue 2: Linking
    Recently I have noticed Alot of people linking to your own websites, Please do not do this as : 1. Its Advertising 2. 9/10 times its a phising site. The following rules being broken will be rewarded with at lest a 24h, and if phising maybe even Perm ban.

    No Linking to sites ending with .webs , .weebly , etc. These sites are Always seen as scams/phising and will result in a major ban

    Once again, No linking to ebay auctions hosted by you.

    No linking to sites for looking at ur UT other than the official EA site - usually what phisers do*

    Linking to sites with emails and passwords of stolen Accounts with awesome teams will result in an IP ban.

    Issue 3: Giveaways
    Giveaways recently have became a big problem in this section with people kidding on to giveaway players, while just looking for thanks and rep. The following rules being broken will most likely end up in your topic being closed and you receiving a medium warning.

    Giveaway must be No longer that 24h's long

    People hosting giveaways must now post proof within the original post

    Asking for rep or thanks shall not be allowed - Only say "rep and thanks are appreciated but not required"

    You must not under any curcumstances "fix" a giveaway to give to a friend - when really you are just rep and thank boosting

    Do not attempt to scam this way either by linking to phishing sites, us Staff will see you are linking and check it out and ban accordingly.

    *Any Users seen hosting giveaways again and get more negative feedback will result in higher warnings and maybe a small suspension.

    Feel free to PM us at any time with any problems/queries you have about this section, I'm Sure I speak for us all here, We are Happy to help

    Also on a side note:

    Do not Make topics saying "AHHHHH He scammed me!" This gets annoying to see on the forums, PM staff about it, and don't raise false allegations. - Also If you followed section rules with no trading you wouldn't have been scammed.

    Do not Spam this section - All ur spam posts/topics will be deleted and you will receive a warning if seen by a MOS(Member of Staff)

    Please remember, this section is here for sharing Glitches, Mods, Tactics, Setups and General Game chit-chat, not for trading, Sorry.

    If you see someone breaking a rule, report it using the report button on the forums and a MOS will tend to it ASAP.

    This ends the End of the Rules, Please follow them and we will get on fine.

    Thanks for actually reading.
    Inside Gaming Staff.

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