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    Site Rules !


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    Site Rules ! Empty Site Rules !

    Post by JohnHD Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:26 am

    We are now starting a crack down on our forums and we will be taking no prisoners.

    Lets go over the handful of things that have now started to show up

    Thread titles
    1) we are starting to see misleading thread titles if we find that your thread has a misleading title the thread will be deleted without warning and your account may receive one of its 3 warnings or just be out right suspended

    2) pointless thread titles like, 'HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' or 'hey guys i have a problem' these thread titles do not help anyone make your thread title as descriptive as you can if we see this you will be blocked from being able to post threads

    1) Just because you want your post/topic known does not allow you to start posting random words like "Bump" "so noone cares?" this is counted as spam and will not be tolerated and your account may receive one of its 3 warnings or just be out right suspended without warning. Try taking you're time to make the post good enough that people will acknowledge it and post on it.

    1) One of our goals as a community has always been to create an open place that welcomes all and stays friendly but it seems we now have a few users who feel they need to flame other users within a discussion this will be stopped from today if you flame expect the following. warnings, posts deleted, account suspended, fully banned, take this as a warning

    Mini mods
    1) You know who you are! and we know who you are and we are watching if you feel that a thread is pointless and needs to be removed do not post

    Pointless, close, lock, ban this is not up to you and all you are doing is bumping what you see as a pointless thread back to the top of the forum creating more pointless posts at the bottom of every post on the forum is a report button click that button and report the thread or post

    we do deal with every report submitted


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    Site Rules ! Empty Re: Site Rules !

    Post by Emperor Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:36 am

    I have a few ideas for some more rules...
    1. If someone posts something that has already been posted they should receive a warning.
    2. If someone reply's to a topic something like this... "Hahahahahaha" They should receive a warning for spamming.
    3. If anyone impersonates a staff member they should be permanently banned.
    4. Absolutely no advertising!
    5. No PM'ing someone numerous times. They will reply when they can.
    6. No hateful posts about anything. No racism, no sexist, and no other hate posts.
    7. No cursing or swearing.
    8. Respect the staff. It is their decision if they want to sticky/close a topic.
    9. No asking why someone was banned. The staff have their reasons.
    10. No inappropriate pictures or videos.
    11. NO PORN!
    12. No asking someone to host a free lobby for you.
    13. No saying something is staff verified and unless it actually is.
    14. No having more than 1 account!
    15. No uploading viruses to the website.

    Bow down.

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