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    Rules Regarding "Youtube Famous" Section


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    Rules Regarding "Youtube Famous" Section   Empty Rules Regarding "Youtube Famous" Section

    Post by JohnHD Sat Apr 02, 2011 6:08 am

    1 ~ NO Youtube Bot Threads!

    We have had a major incident concerning these and we have realised it is too much of a security risk to users accounts to allow these sorts of topics to run. Like i said above, if you want subscriptions, use the sticky!


    2 ~ NO buying Youtube Accounts!

    We already have a strict "No Account Sales" policy on Inside Gaming, this also is in place for Youtube Accounts.


    Anyone breaching these rules may be subject to Posting Ban's issued by Staff.

    These rules are in place to help stop spam, prevent accounts being hacked, and to also prevent malware/spyware infecting the computers of Inside Gaming users.

    I hope you understand. Very Happy

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